Historical structures, such as, Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Lair), National Museum, Rimpong Dzong (Castle on a heap of precious jewels), Buddha Statue (the world’s largest), flora and fauna, culture.

Have you heard of a supposedly man riding on a tiger? This may sound sort of a fantasy or mythical, in Bhutan it is a tale we all have taken truly to our heart. Tiger’s Nest is the place of this tale where a spiritual leader of Bhutan flew on a tiger’s nest to subdue  a demoness and upon subduing it, built the monastery hanging on those granite cliffs.

Portraits of the Dragon Tour will take you to many of our iconic places in Bhutan such as the museums, fortresses, monasteries and let you experience our intact culture and traditions. By reading the history of Bhutan and witnessing these places, you will barely figure if the places have changed a bit.