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Customized holiday packages Bhutan

Customized holidays packages are what Bhutan precious destination provide based on the travel interest of our guest. In today’s travel industry, customization of holidays has become very important and we provide complete customized holiday packages in Bhutan.

Tailored Packages

A great tour is an outcome of great package designing. Bhutan precious destination has spent years in researching and planning how to package tours that could leave an everlasting impression and satisfaction to our guests. Many years of experience and knowledge about Bhutan has enabled us to come up with unique, exciting and enticing holiday packages combining the best of Bhutan that can be showcased in short duration. All our packages are customizable based on the interest of our guest

Quality Accommodation

Customized packages only are not enough for a great tour. Quality accommodations are also important and each day that you spends in Bhutan are made special with quality hotels and resorts of all levels that we provide to our guest

Professional Service

We at Bhutan precious destination understand that travel is a complex process of arrangements and logistics that need professional management to deliver the best to clients. Proper execution of tours on time and with quality requires professionals and professionalism which leads to services that are of the highest quality to meet our client’s expectation. We make sure that our professionals are highly trained, experienced and understand and executes all our services professionally

Quality Assurance

Bhutan precious destination assures quality in all it’s services from the time you are in Bhutan. Quality of highest standards from the vehicles, hotels, guide, amenities, activities that you would be availing during your stay in Bhutan with us has been physically inspected, approved only when it meets our strict quality requirements and this is just to provide our guests with the utmost and highest standard of services.  Bhutan precious destination do not compromise with quality in all its arrangements and services throughout the tour


Our greatest strength is adaptability! We take each tour as a learning experience for us to develop and refine our operational system. We provide our best in all our services every time but we also try to adapt and learn from each of them and improve next time. Bhutan precious destination believes in educating itself from each of the tours that enable to provide even better and higher standards service in the next tour. And we will strive to adapt and improve our services continuously through our guest feedbacks