• Hot springs, believed to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis, body aches, to even sinuses.
  • Gasa Dzong, Punakha Dzong, culture, flora and fauna 

Healing water of Bhutan Tours is a specialised tours of visiting the far up North of Bhutan- Gasa. It is home to the the nation’s best hot springs that are natural and medicinal.

The journey to the hot spring is fascinating and awe-aspiring as you can witness starkly different landscapes such as snow-capped mountains, vegetations and people. You can also experience a very different style of traditional cooking and cuisine.

On this tour, there will be many fortresses and monasteries that we will visit, the western Bhutan has a much more important and visible roles that played towards making of the nation. Await for those stories, nothing beats the joy than these heart warming stories, thrilling and heroic!