he 45-room Zhiwaling Resort is the first five-star hotel in Bhutan owned and operated by a Bhutanese. The hotel’s elaborate hand-carved wooden cornices and masterful stonework coexist beautifully with modern telecommunication systems and Swedish under-floor heating.
A temple resides in the resort that offers destination wedding and the old timbers are part of the 450-year old Gangtey Monastery.
The spa offers all the amenities of a modern fitness centre – sauna, steam room, gym – as well as a traditional Bhutanese outdoor hot-stone bath. There is a Business Centre, and a Tea House, two fully-equipped conference rooms and a Meditation House.
Of the two restaurant, one specialises in contemporary international cuisine and the other in authentic Bhutanese dishes.
Summing up everything at Zhiwa Ling, the place is truly “Heavenly Palace.”