Bhutan is a country of less than 1 million inhabitants and the people are chiefly mountain people. While there is a minority Hindu and Christian populace Buddhism dominates the religion in this country, partly because of its proximity to Tibet and India where the seeds of Buddhism was first sown.
Bhutan’s cultural landscapes are also dotted with Buddhist temples and monasteries while monks and nuns make up for a significant chunk of our religious personalities.
The country’s ethnic faction can mainly be categorized into three main groups viz: the Ngalops of the West, the Sharchops of the East and the Lhotsampas of the South. While the Ngalops, considered originated from Tibet, dominate the Western regions the Sharchops, considered of Tibeto-Burmese origin, make-up for the Eastern mass. The Lhotshampas are considered those ethnic people of Neplai origin who migrated to the country.